Top 5 environmental issues essay

We must make strides in recycling and reusable plastics while fighting to prevent ocean dumping and further pollution. Developed nations are infamous for creating an unreasonable measure of waste or junk and dumping their waste in the seas and, less created nations.

Humanity needs an international effort to regulate and enforce sustainable fisheries, as well as a system of coastal and offshore marine protected areas that protect at least a quarter of the ocean.

Humanity is already committed to a great deal of change in our global climate, but reducing greenhouse gas production and creating more efficient technologies and production systems now will benefit future generations and help us back away from thresholds of irreversibly harsh conditions.

Globally, people are taking efforts to shift to renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, biogas and geothermal energy. Image via Shutterstock Changing Climates Humanity has released sufficient quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the last century that we are now starting to feel the effects of an inevitably warmer world.

In other words, it is too late to undo the damage that climate change has done to the environment. All across the world, people are facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems every day. Every year, humans convert an estimated million tons of nitrogen from the atmosphere into reactive forms such as nitrates, mainly in the production of nitrogen-based fertilizer for crops and in the use of food additives.

The population of the planet is reaching unsustainable levels as it faces shortage of resources like water, fuel and food. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that works as a sheet not allowing the heat from the Earth to come out. It is estimated that by that there will be no fish left in the sea.

Global warming is another manifestation of natural imbalance. Waste disposal is one of urgent current environmental problem. Though we produce many environments issues humans try to redeem resources used.

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What can we do. Overpopulation is one of the crucial current environmental problem. We witness greenhouse effect, when greenhouse gases increase and effect the temperature rise. Source Marine Pollution The main contributor of ocean pollution begins on land, namely non-point pollution.

Genetic modification of food results in increased toxins and diseases as genes from an allergic plant can transfer to target plant. What can be done. When you fly, make sure to reduce your carbon footprint from air miles traveled with carbon offsets from a respected company such as Carbonfund.

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Top 5 Issues for 2016: Energy and Environment

Eventually the population will have to plateau as we begin to face environmental, economic and social issues as a result of this population boom. Questions & Answers. Related. Geology. Reclamation of Oil Sands: Is It Possible?Reviews: Environmental Issues Name: Institution: Environmental Issues Introduction The sustainability of the planet has become an issue of contention in the recent past due to numerous environmental issues.

Human activities have brought about various climate changes that may bring about the. Here are the top six environmental issues and what you can do to help restore ecological balance to our spinning blue ball. The 6 most pressing environmental issues—and what you can do to.

top five green environmental issues for humanity to be addressing The Top 5 Environmental Issues Humanity Should Be Thinking About in Environment. Environmental health is the branch of environmental sciences that deals with the phenomena and study of numerous kinds of health care issues and the measures for the recovery of damages caused by the environmental pollution.

Top 10 environmental issues affecting urban America

top five green environmental issues for humanity to be addressing The Top 5 Environmental Issues Humanity Should Be Thinking About in Environment.

Top 5 environmental issues essay
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