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Till today, this ancient city is known as one of the best planned archeological relic sites in the country that stood as testimony against the discipline and greatness of the first rulers of the kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka. The later 4 include two statues of Hindu gods, god Vishnu and god Ganesh.

It is part of those walls and gate that still stand, as the next focal point of interest in Trincomalee besides the harbor.

In the 4th century King Upatissa II provided quarters and homes for the crippled and the blind. General Sena in the 10th century is believed to have built a hospital close to the ceremonial street Managala Veediya.

The Mahavamsa also states that soothsayers and architects were consulted in the construction. A prominent Buddhist country that has traces of human settlements dating back to more thanyears, it is one of the ancient and historic locations in the world.

The city had some of the most complex irrigation systems of the ancient world, situated in the dry zone of the country the administration built many tanks to irrigate the land. This fortlet - it had but three bastions —built by the Portuguese inwas taken by the Dutch in only to be abandoned soon afterwards.

The Buddha statue was transferred to the Archaeological Museum in Trincomalee. Impressive rock carvings in the Buduruwagala temple. Below the Galmetiyawa reservoir some four miles off the nd mile along the Trincomalee road. A few cities hold major significance in terms of preservation of Sri Lankan history.

The ruins of this city are considered to be the most outstanding of the ancient sites of Sri Lanka. Situated on the summit of the Sigiriya rock are the remnants of the earliest surviving royal palace in Sri Lanka. The city was strategically situated of major ports northwest and northeast.

Find the ruins of the fortress next to the museum.

Essay about historical places in sri lanka

On a boulder of rock at the foot of a hillock is a sculpture consisting of 16 dagaba presentations. Ina British fleet lay off Trincomalee, ostensibly come to protect the Dutch against the French, but under secret orders to capture Trincomalee at all events, for its growing strategic importance.

Velgam Vehera Buddhist Monastery: There are remains of a dagaba built on a square terrace which has been vandalised. Recently Trincomalee has become popular as a Whale Watching destination as well. Major attractions are spread over 5 caves, which contain statues and paintings.

On a boulder of rock at the foot of a hillock is a sculpture consisting of 16 dagaba presentations. Being on a rock it was also called Vehera Gala Vihara on a rock.

Kandy The royal city of Kandy was the last seat of the Sinhala kings and famous for its Tooth relic of Buddha and the Esala Perahera a historical parade. The ideal way to explore the place is by walk or you can hop on in a tuk-tuk.

Photo Essay The Raised Platforms and the two flights of steps leading to the Council. The famous historical places in Sri Lanka, are mainly Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and the Kandy.

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The historical places in Sri Lanka represent the remnants of the country's ancient civilization, culture, traditions and philosophy.

It is largely reflected in Sri Lankan ruined cities, temples, palaces, dagobas, parks and paintings. Explore these historical places in Sri Lanka on your vacation.

The ancient historical ruins and heritage places are the most famous locations to visit here.

Historical Places in Sri Lanka

Gokarna in Trincomalee, Mantota in Mannar and Dambakolapattuna in Jaffna, among others had been great sea ports of ancient Sri Lanka since B.C. Trincomalee known as Gokanna, Gokarna or Siri Gonamala is an ancient sea-port town and as records in the historical chronicles of Sri Lanka states, is the harbour where Prince Panduvasudeva, King.

Beautiful Places In Sri Lanka Essay. I propose to discuss it! This blog will help you find out the most important historical places in Sri Lanka and their importance, Sri lankan heritage, sri lankan civilization and more.

etc. 2). Social Culture Of Sri Lanka Sociology Essay. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka.

Historical places in sri lanka essay
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